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What’s in an Agrihood?

An ‘Agrihood’ is a neighborhood built around a producing garden or farm. People understand the role that food plays in health, well-being and social interactions. Most of life’s moments such as holidays, weddings, birthdays, graduations, anniversaries all center on food.

Our vision is to create a community surrounded by beautiful vistas of the Willamette Valley surrounding a working farm. Nature, food, community and lifelong learning are all a part of a sustainable living environment also known as an Agrihood. A working farm and garden is the central feature of the community with a mix of homes styles and sizes, farm focused amenities and farm focused commercial space to enrich the relationship with food while also supporting the farm. Active, healthy, whole foods and sustainability are integral part of the daily ‘agri-hood’ lifestyle.



Neighborhood Layout & Design

The recent Urban Growth Boundary expansion allows for the development of Harvest Garden Homestead – a Willamette Valley Agri-hood. A total of 61.62 acres planned for homes/multi-family houses, 10.5 acres of open greenspace and two acres of commercial space. The layout has been designed around a main garden, shaped like an hour glass through the neighborhood. Each street off the main garden will also have open shared green space between homes. The main community space, with garden views and future farmers market, will be located off of Main Street an act as a welcoming entrance to the neighborhood.

TOTAL PROJECT:   61.62 Acres

OPEN SPACE:   10.5 Acres


MULTI-FAMILY:   80 Units

HOUSING UNITS:   297 Homes


The following phases are underway:

Phase 1:  29 Homes

Phase 2:  20 Homes


Future Phases:

Phase 3:  30 Homes

Phase 4:  25 Homes

Home Concept Designs

Harvest Garden is currently reviewing a variety of home designs with 3 or 4 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms with open floor plans – both single and two story homes. A variety of sizes of homes may include small cottage homes with 1300-1500 sq. feet, medium sized homes with 1500-2000 sq. feet and the largest homes with approximately 2500+ sq. feet. A small number of apartments/townhomes are planned.

Shared Greenspace

The developer has added ‘open green-space’ around the main garden and between each row of homes. Almost all homes have a back facing patio area that is open to the green space.

Community Retail Space

The long-term vision of the development includes some form of ‘farm focused’ retail space that could take the form of a farmers’ market, home farm store and farm-to-table restaurant. In the interim, the developer has envisioned a seasonal farmer’s market stand until the community area can be design and created.

Community Gardening

Community gardens grow healthy food and help develop strong neighborhoods. Gardening can be an enriching experience to help families and individuals learn sustainable practices, understand their local climate and support their own food supply. Community gardens do much more than just grow fresh, healthy produce. They bring people together across age, experiences, as well as cultural and economic barriers. They unify neighborhoods, improve our health and add beauty to our environment.

Other Amenities

Other special amenities include: kids playground area, open fields, walking trails, community gathering areas.

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